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A little beer is poured into mineral oil, interacting with a shower gel already in the oil. Some very wild bubble transport mechanics occurs.


Rayleigh Number

Green Laser Parts


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An ink-mineral oil mixture is poured as rain drops into the mineral oil. Ink does amazing things in mineral oil, hence the famous ink drop experiment and it's relation to Bohm's fabulous implicate order of the universe concepts.

Implicate Order


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Orange juice, milk, and tomato juice are successively poured into mineral oil containing residual coffee and ink drops from previous experiments.



Rayleigh Number


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beer droplets in oil


droplet interactions

bubble motion

fluid viscosity


magnetic control of a thread

deflection of an asteroid

magneto-kinetic objects

shaping magnetic fields

ion spray generator


Black-Hole in a Beer Can?

projectiles in magnetic fields

projectiles in fluids

Big Stir Theory

impact curtain experiments

balancing mechanism

flapping wing mechanism

fracture and reconstruction

trefoil geometry


green and red lasers in gas and fluid

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reflection, refraction, scattering


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