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A drop of Budweiser, the King of Beers, immersed in mineral oil will form a beautiful 4 sided pyramid with sharp edges.Tiny bubbles accumulate at the top of the drop acting like a buoy that pulls on the droplet to create the growing tetrahedral shape.The bubble cluster eventually spouts off in unison to the surface.The changing curvilinear pyramidal shape of the beer droplet is predicted by the Young-Laplace or Gibbs-Thompson equation.


Rayleigh Number

Surface Tension

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A laser beam is directed on various portions of the droplet surface.Some very stunning optical effects like green laser lightning storms are created. The tiny bubbles form a highly reflective region for a small viewing angle.

Green Laser Beam

Heiligenshein Lensing

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Budweiser, Ginger-Ale, Tomato Juice, and Ink droplets interact within a mineral oil suspension subjected to a magnetic field.Small ferromagnetic particles are dropped like torpedoes from above to pierce the droplets.

Rayleigh Number


Magnetic Field

Trajectory in a Field

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Small plastic pellets dropped into the mineral oil gently bounce and slide off the Budweiser droplet and spur the formation of a tetrahedral shape topped by a huge collection of miniature bubbles that separate from the beer mixture and eventually spout-off in unison to the surface.


Surface Tension





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