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Axe gel is tugged through the mineral oil with the help of a staple and thread.


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Hot coffee is poured into mineral oil and allowed to interact with oil. A fluid circulation occurs due to convection effects from the hot coffee.



Surface Tension

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A steel mesh is dropped in ink and then immersed in mineral oil. A magnetic field drags the mesh and some of the ink captured by the mesh through the oil to the other side.




Physics Experiments





   beer droplets in oil  

   droplet interactions  

   bubble motion

   fluid viscosity  


   magnetic control of a thread

   deflection of an asteroid

   magneto-kinetic objects

   shaping magnetic fields

   ion spray generator


   Black-Hole in a Beer Can?  

   projectiles in magnetic fields

   projectiles in fluids

   Big Stir Theory

   impact curtain experiments

   balancing mechanism

   flapping wing mechanism

   fracture and reconstruction

   trefoil geometry


  green and red lasers in gas and fluid

  laser projection devices

  reflection, refraction, scattering


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