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This experiment uses ink to represent matter in the universe and demonstrates a Big Stir event that expels matter into the universe. The matter is initially contained within the minimal surface energy shape provide by the sphere. When a catastrophic event occurs to break the interfacial surface, an aperture allows flow of the trapped matter (dark matter?) to the vacuum of space. The matter interacts to form galaxies that coalesce based on their gravitational attraction. In this experiment, the ink drops slowly arrange themselves into larger clusters and massive objects because of the interaction of surface potential between drops at a distance(i.e. minimization of the interfacial surface interaction between a drop, intermediate mineral oil, and a remote drop cause them to attract).

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This time-lapsed sequence of images demonstrates the coalescence of copper dust on the surface of an ink blob submerged in oil. The copper can be considered to be matter in the universe. As a transition metal, copper is extremely oil repellent. A surfactant has been added on the surface of the ink blob to facilitate the coalescence of the copper dust via wetting. You will note striking self-similarity in the formation at all times if you look closely and long enough. It has fractal dimensionality. Fractal dimensionality can similarly be observed in the interaction of any two miscible fluids of varying viscosity. In the real universe, we see the effect as fingers in the Crab Nebula.

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