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This custom built flying toy features a really cool miniature flapping wing mechanism and it really flies! You can build your own flying ornithopter with wire, balsa wood, tissue paper, super glue, a rubber band, and some tinkering.The parts for this ornithopterís flapping mechanism were made from Delrin plastic and fabricated on a miniature milling machine.

Very simple versions can be made with balsa wood, glue, thread, wire, and tissue paper.A rubber band serves as the power source and actuator.

Larger versions can fly for extended periods of time inside or outdoors.


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beer droplets in oil††

†† droplet interactions††

†† bubble motion

†† fluid viscosity


magnetic control of a thread

†† deflection of an asteroid

†† magneto-kinetic objects

†† shaping magnetic fields

†† ion spray generator


†† Black-Hole in a Beer Can?††

†† projectiles in magnetic fields

†† projectiles in fluids

†† Big Stir Theory

†† impact curtain experiments

†† balancing mechanism

†† flapping wing mechanism

†† fracture and reconstruction

†† trefoil geometry


green and red lasers in gas and fluid

laser projection devices

reflection, refraction, scattering


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