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…another senseless bout of Inter-Facial Violence.  A steel mesh sphere is magnetized and used to stir the slightly magnetized ink concoction to create an inter-facially violent universe.  The surface of the ink droplet can’t handle the local influence of the big stirring surface of the mesh ball that results in tearing of interfaces between surfaces, allowing flow of medium and jettisoning miniature ink plumes that evolve into tiny spheroids that will re-coalesce. 


Pitch Drop Experiment


Physics Experiments





   beer droplets in oil  

   droplet interactions  

   bubble motion

   fluid viscosity  


   magnetic control of a thread

   deflection of an asteroid

   magneto-kinetic objects

   shaping magnetic fields

   ion spray generator


   Black-Hole in a Beer Can?

   projectiles in magnetic fields

   projectiles in fluids

   Big Stir Theory

   impact curtain experiments

   balancing mechanism

   flapping wing mechanism

   fracture and reconstruction

   trefoil geometry


  green and red lasers in gas and fluid

  laser projection devices

  reflection, refraction, scattering


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