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The top image and video shows a very high resolution scan of a gator skull using a Roland 3D laser scanner.

The bottom video shows a 3D laser scan of a small shell. The ridges of this shell are involute in form. A 3D laser scanner gathers the surface data information for an object by shining a laser in a defined direction at the object, recording the image of the dot projected on the object, and then calculating the location of this point by using simple trigonometry relating the initial direction of the laser beam with the resultant reflected beam found in a captured image.You can build your own crude laser scanner with a webcam and a laser-line projector mounted on a stepper motor.You record the video as you turn the motor, thereby projecting the laser-line across the object to be scanned.You find all the pixels in each frame that are red and calculate a three dimensional position for each pixel in each frame of the video.†††

3D Scanner


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The laser pointer in the video is immune to hand tremor.A novel stabilization technology (patent pending) eliminates its laser jitter concerns.

Characteristic shapes for the authorís tremor is shown top.Characteristic shapes for a femaleís tremor is shown below that.Itís interesting to consider that people may have unique tremor signatures that can be measured.However, the basic shapes are too similar to really allow for good use in security systems.



Body Tremor




Physics Experiments





beer droplets in oil††

†† droplet interactions††

†† bubble motion

†† fluid viscosity


magnetic control of a thread

†† deflection of an asteroid

†† magneto-kinetic objects

†† shaping magnetic fields

†† ion spray generator


†† Black-Hole in a Beer Can?††

†† projectiles in magnetic fields

†† projectiles in fluids

†† Big Stir Theory

†† impact curtain experiments

†† balancing mechanism

†† flapping wing mechanism

†† fracture and reconstruction

†† trefoil geometry


green and red lasers in gas and fluid

laser projection devices

reflection, refraction, scattering


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